car breakdown cover

If you don’t have any breakdown cover, the average recovery costs £65, or £72 if you break down on the motorway, according to research from Tesco Personal Finance. On top of this call-out fee are the actual repair costs, which can easily spiral into hundreds of pounds in labour alone. So with repair cover starting at £30, it makes sense for most motorists to buy it.

That’s the easy bit. The tricky part is picking a product, because there are so many providers and policies – all of them different from the others.

Not everything is included in breakdown insurance cover so you need to go through the small print carefully.

Things to look out for are how many free call-outs you are entitled to a year. Some organisations limit this to around six.
Be aware that you may only get free labour of up to one hour from the mechanic at the roadside and you will have to pay for any parts that the car needs.
Some organisations will also charge for one of the most common reasons for calling out a mechanic, leaving your keys in the car.
Check out how long the average call-out times are. Most organisations will prioritise people on their own, or with children and people who appear to be highly distressed. Green Flag, for example, boasts an average call-out time of 39 minutes and will pay you 10 if you have to wait longer than an hour for help.

Top ten reasons for call-outs

1. Battery/engine failure
2. Minor accident
3. Tyre/wheel change
4. Electrical fault
5. Other vehicle fault (clutch, drive, gears etc)
6. Serious mechanical failure
7. Cooling systems
8. Keys locked in the car/lost/stolen
9. Running out of fuel
10. Cable faults
Source: Green Flag

Car Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance when your car breaks down
Why Buy Car Breakdown Cover?
We normally take our cars for granted and assume they will start first time and get us from A to B smoothly and safely. We need our cars for everyday use but what happens if your car breaks down? If it breaks down outside your house you could be late for work or an appointment. What if you are alone and your car breaks down on a remote country road late at night?
Aren't you glad you took out car breakdown cover? A quick phone call to your breakdown recovery organisation and help is on its way.
With so many companies offering car breakdown cover, how do you choose which is the best cover for you or your vehicle? We are here to help you decide.
Car Breakdown Organisations - all with discounts when buying online

RAC Breakdown Cover – Get up to 42% off when you buy RAC Breakdown Cover online. Maximum online saving of 42% (or £78) is based on joint cover for Roadside, Recovery At Home product, including online discount and Free Recovery saving. RAC offer a choice of either vehicle based or personal based cover and with more patrols per member. As the UK’s longest established motoring organisation, RAC know and understand drivers. We use this expertise to provide a comprehensive range of motoring and vehicle services to consumers and businesses
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The AA
Covered 365 days / 24hrs a day in any vehicle, Our patrols are highly trained and equipped, We'll always find the fastest route to you with the help of global positioning and satellite navigation, AA doesn't charge extra for labour if a roadside fix takes longer than expected, You're the member not the car.

Perhaps you're planning a trip to see relatives and need to check traffic along your route. Or maybe you're hopping across to Europe on a short break. Whatever your plans for the coming holiday, make sure you're prepared. .

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Green Flag
Green Flag
Why choose Green Flag Rapid Breakdown Cover?
Breakdown cover from only £20 per year, 2 for 1 personal cover from £35, We cover the vehicle, so anyone driving your car is covered, No Callout Discount saving you money off next year's cover if you don't call us out, Breakdown assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, National network of breakdown specialists.
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